The Staff texageres

Like you,

We love shops with attractive window displays, welcoming and smiling teams, pleasant music, comforting fragrances and a remarkable collection so well presented.

Like you, we like the personalities that make up a company, state of the art methods of our trade and new ideas.

Each brand fascinates and inspires us.

We’re always excited at the idea of discovering talent and projects


The staff texageres

A team teeming with life, desire and communicative energy

Christophe Flous

CEO and founder

Self-made man, former director specialising in brand takeovers and the creation of new concepts. Retail Expert for federations, investment funds and prestigious university level colleges.

Nadia Bourdonnec


20 years' experience as store manager and regional manager in France, Spain and Portugal. An expert in management and sales performance.

Delphine Dupuis - Consultant of texageres

Delphine Dupuis


Inseec Bordeaux, 17 years of experience in retail. Test Trainer for chain stores and superstores referring to evolutionary courses and integrating of new talent.

Céline Levita - Consultant of texageres

Céline Levita


HEC Certified Coach from EM Lyon. 7 years experience as a contractor in the retail and luxury sector and 10 years in consulting, and training sales teams as well as decision makers

Jean-Philippe Lafitte - Consultant de texageres

Jean-Philippe Lafitte


Studied trade and economy. With 16 years experience within large international groups as Operational Manager, Markets Manager and Customer Service Manager

Elodie Repellin - Consultant of texageres

Elodie Repellin


Marketing degree, theatre studies at the cours Florent, 17 years in the communications, press relations and the media training.

Stéphanie Davy - consultant of texageres

Stéphanie Davy


Studied Business, Tourism and Hotel Management, 10 years' experience in business tourism and customized travel, 12 years working as a trainer and consultant, an expert in customer relations, sales performance and image consulting.

Donatienne Richard - Consultant of texageres

Donatienne Richard


25 years' experience as merchandising manager for department stores. Creator of a knitwear brand for children. Teacher and trainer for a wide variety of students: sales teams, job seekers and the Etincelle charity.

Isabelle Meheust - Consultant of texageres

Isabelle Meheust


15 years' experience in large French retail groups, as sales manager, store manager and in-house trainer.

Soma Niane - Consultant of texageres

Soma Niane


A Master's in Human Resources Management. 15 years' experience in sales, business and management.

Claire-Amélie Peton - Consultant of texageres

Claire-Amélie Peton


A Master's in Human Resources Management and Auditing, 10 years' experience in organizational consulting and HR development, and a qualification in the Neurocognitive Behavioural Approach.

Maud Descamps - Consultant of texageres

Maud Descamps


A graduate from EDHEC Business School with seven years experience as HR project leader as well as attitude and quality manager in the luxury hotel business

Caroline Bey


DESS Corporate management, 12 years experience as creative manager and Visual merchandiser, specialist in performance management.

Sparkling talents

We love them for their genius, their sense of sharing their experience and communicative energy

The sparkling Partner is someone from the luxury universe. It could be : a star chef, a gemmologist, an oenologist, a creator of perfume (un nez), a luxury car specialist. …bringing with them their highlighted experience on Quality Service. They take us to another world other than that of the usual borrowed paths where they challenge the teams.