Our experience

Long since

Hundreds of years of experience.

We mix our team’s professional real life experience with that of the participant ; this richness increases their talent value giving them much more precision in their answers.

texageres pour tous les réseaux

Tailor made for all sizes

Young brands, organized networks and global retailing groups, texageres supports you in the deployment of your retail outlets in France and abroad.

Our ability to dream up elaborate training programs gives guarantees to young brands of an immediate implementation of best practises.  

Our being “result conscious”, helps networks in motion to tie up better performances quicker.

Our expertise and creativity positions us as partners to global retailers and networks whose business projects require challenging team development.


Sales assistant

A profession that is learned

We are convinced that selling is a learned skill and not just a talent that you’re born with.

Yesterday, the sales assistant was just someone who was drowned in the payroll. Now a days the sales assistant knows that it is he/she who creates the turnover. In competition with touchscreens, these unwanted money makers in certain sales points could very soon make the difference. Transportable and booed, they are looking to be developed humanely and professionally, and to be used by everyone. You have your card to play. Watch-out, the competition is getting organised !

Teaching approach of texageres

An unexpected teaching approach

It does happen that we sometimes rub shoulders with actors, star chefs in our place...

Hear music and bursts of laughter, discover walls covered in collage, hazy post-its, balloons : texageres explores all the shortcuts. texageres dares, plays, touches the right cord and talks about the imaginary.