Story of texageres

The mood "Boutique"

Crossing the doorway of a boutique is like renewing with a part of one’s childhood.

To hear the doorbell ring, go looking for the hidden treasure; be woven into a spell of sudden complicity...

Then, arriving home, undoing the ribbon and allowing oneself to be overwhelmed by the memory of a shared emotion.

texageres Le trublion de la formation

Provocative actor of training

Experience, the key factor of learning

The times when team training took place passively around a table are finished. Outmoded and gloomy training centres are gone, and no more forgetting the support manual in a cupboard. Today, it’s about creating ultra-operational, development workshops where your teams can express and excel themselves while rediscovering the pleasures of learning.

Values of texageres

Strong and universal values

More than a training center, you enter into a zone of values.

Grande boutique école, " Move up : decide to no longer live on your tiptoes. "

Espace Management, " Change : open up your own miracle of surprises. "

Petite Boutique Ecole, " Dare : let yourself go in the deliciousness of being yourself."

Cuisine, " Share : offer with pleasure even if it means nibbling in secret."

Toilettes, " Think: concentrate on the most important and leave the rest behind."

Technical space" Get on : connect with others at a lightning speed. "

Christophe Flous enfant

True or false

But where does texageres come from ?

Christophe Flous has kept two endearing memories of his summers spent in Uncle Jeannot’s bakery and in Cousin Suzettes’s grocery store : the sound of the till opening above his head and the maternal expression “Christophe, t'exagères !” (you’re exaggerating)  which interrupted his day just when the clock chimed 8 o’clock.