The boutique école of texageres

Welcome to the boutique école ® !

texageres invented the Boutique École®, and a lot much more...

This space is for the creative training courses. Fully adapted with a flexible concept it allows each brand to reconstitute its own shop.

Ardoise Boutique Ecole®

An exclusive concept

A totally innovative training space

Teams learn in conditions close to their daily lives. The games represent 70% of the training time. Back in their shops, the teams can easily apply their new knowledge.

Magic recipe : we can see increases in sales of up to 5 to 20% immediately after the training.

True stories of the Boutique Ecole

True stories

My day in Boutique Ecole®

" I confess that I was a bit resistant to the sales training. However, the trainer immediately put us at ease, he, himself had had an experience of being a sales person. I got the impression that he was part of our brand; he even wore a shirt from our collection! We were able to practice on difficult cases. I learned many useful things and tips that I can put to use immediately."

Nelson G., first salesman, shop Champs-Elysées


"As an area manger, we don’t always take enough time to go further into the details of our visits, not even to coach our sales teams. Yet it’s what they are waiting for. We’re often on the phone trying to settle other urgent matters. Thanks to texageres, we have found other ways to be organized and to help our managers in developing their results."

Laurent L., area manager