Learning Experience : Understanding our pedagogy

For nearly 15 years, texageres has been accompanying the development of employees of the biggest brands and retail chains in the consumer and luxury goods sectors. This experience and the many innovations that make our training catalogue the richest on the market are now brought together in a unique pedagogy: Learning Experience.

Every day, within your company, you talk about customer experience.

Conversely, your final customer subscribes to multiple buying experiences on a daily basis, leaving him with a unique memory of the customer journey. Especially when they are guided in an individualised coaching process.

The customer experience is fundamental to the relationship that the customer wants to share with the brand.

For your employees, the approach must be the same!


At texageres, we base our pedagogy on what the teams of retail brands experience on a daily basis with their customers.

This is why we have developed a training offer that knows how to adapt to the current conditions required by these relations between brands and customers.

The Learning Experience is an exclusive offer whose unique pedagogy is centred on the employee’s experience. It provides the opportunity to live a unique experience.

We reveal how we built it and why our clients love it.

Our training offer for groups and brands is organised around 4 solid pillars, which we reveal to you:

  1. A learning community
  2. Diversity in learning
  3. Key moments in the learning experience
  4. Personalisation of the training course

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1. The employee is immersed in the heart of a learning community

In order to optimise the training of your employees, we organise a learning community.

learning experience communaute apprentissage 1

This community is made up of various stakeholders, whose aggregation should allow for mutual cohesion and enrichment.

In this way, trainers, coaches of texageres, collaborators and inspiring managers who are part of the brand create a coherent collective.

This collective approach to learning multiplies the exchanges and enrichment of the training sessions.

2. Better learning by varying training formats, content and methods

The more diversified the learning is, the better the results will be.

formation format contenu methode innovante

This may sound obvious, but training courses are often too linear. With this in mind, we like to innovate and offer our clients a variety of formats and content.

We are invested to ensure that the employee training project is desirable.

Afterwards, our training managers set up innovative methods with our clients: virtual classes, classes in Boutique École®, workshops, homework, assessments or evaluations, individual appointments between buddy.

In short, we are convinced that a richness of learning makes the effectiveness of training courses possible.

3. Identifying and leveraging the key moments in corporate learning

With experience, we have been able to highlight the importance of the moment in the learning process.

The employee goes through different phases in his or her life within the company, in his or her professional career.


Knowing how to train to evolve and deal with these moments can be decisive.

Integration into the company (today we speak of onboarding), continuous training, internal mobility, managerial development: the success of employee training also depends on its integration into the employee’s career development moment.

More collective events such as a sudden change in the company’s environment or a change in the economic climate also need to be taken into account.

As a result, our professional training programmes are set up in accordance with the employee’s development curve and the company’s context.

4. Personalise the training for the employee with the Learning Experience

Employees work in a world strongly influenced by the codes of the brand or company.

Each employee must be able to get to know each other better in order to better express themselves within the company. And thus, to communicate better with customers and the community.


We organise individual meetings, test debriefings and individual exchange workshops along the learning experience so that everyone can express themselves.

Clearly, it is essential to know how to personalise the learning programme of one’s employees.

In our pedagogical schemes, communication and feedback are at the centre of the personalised training path.

The learning of your employees as they develop within your company requires an outstanding organisation. We appreciate being able to plan and personalise the different learning moments of your employees. This is how we have founded our learning organisation and how we share it with enthusiasm and success with our clients.

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