Certified Journeys

All of the professional training journeys we offer lead to certification. One learns the profession of sales associate, as one learns the profession of manager.


Our vision of certified journeys

  • Teams often learn their professions ‘on the floor’, and have not always validated their work experience.
  • Some people have either no diploma at all, or a basic diploma—and would like to obtain ‘bac’ high school certification, or ‘bac+2’ certification for 2 years of higher education.
  • Turnover is high, sometimes leading companies to hire urgently. The creation of training paths makes it possible to appoint managers who are immediately operational.
  • Compared to hiring externally, funding a journey is less costly and less risky.
  • Brands that grow teams at a time of weak economic performance send a strong message.

Our tools

Think of a certified journey as a class devoted to your brand, a unique experience lasting several months: modules on professions, experience sharing, workshops, and exams.

An opening seminar and a ceremony to celebrate graduation leave the team with unforgettable memories.

There are 2 to 3 days of training in a Boutique École® and 3 weeks of practise in a store. A flexible format that can be adjusted to the company and the learner.

The modules are adjusted for the company’s business line and its specificities. All of the material is in the style of your brand.

Training modules for managers; a certificate that is the equivalent of a ‘BAC+2’ diploma (2 years of higher education) Market Unit Manager

  • Take charge of a selling space
  • Charmandising!
  • Develop your assets
  • Manager’s toolbox
  • Product and service knowledge workshop
  • Digital culture
  • Make the figures talk
  • Client relationship and emotional sales
  • Manage the present and future

Training modules for sales associates; a certificate that is the equivalent of a ‘BAC’ high school diploma In-store Customer Advisor

  • Merchandise and run a point of sale
  • Customer reception techniques
  • Sales transactions
  • The customer’s digital journey
  • Inventory management
  • Time and priority management
  • KPIs
  • Corporate social responsibility

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