Corporate University

Corporate University, the ultimate training tool of an employer brand


Our vision of the Corporate University

The Corporate University refers to an integrated structure that enables the recruitment, integration, and training of all of a company’s teams.

The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to learn faster than the competition

Peter Senge

The Corporate University addresses two important aspects: a corporate aspect, by transversally spreading the culture and values of the company; and the professions, by developing the skills of employees and the professions specific to the company.​

The Corporate University is at the crossroads of transmission, sharing, and innovation–an extraordinary laboratory for creating development tools to respond to transformations in the sector.

This is also a fundamental asset for winning the loyalty of talents. The individual’s professional project meets the corporate project, and vice versa. ​

This career tool is designed to:​

  • allow the alignment of corporate strategy, skills, and behaviors of the teams
  • attract all talents and win their loyalty​
  • develop potential​
  • spread knowledge and expertise within the group​
  • integrate training on management practices
  • strengthen the ​sales dynamic
  • improve the performance of the company​

Our tools

  • Creation of skills benchmarks for each profession
  • Selection of an internal training offer from 50 subjects
  • Elaboration of training catalogs, for each profession and each level
  • Creation of training journeys by linking up the modules
  • Review of integration journeys
  • Creation of training paths for career advancement
  • Development of modules for career advancement journeys
  • Creation of the first sample modules in the style of the brand
  • Running pilot modules with internal trainers
  • Internal communication launch
  • Deployment of the university (6-year vision)
  • Opening of the university

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