Learning Design Office

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It is the result of good organization. Top training methods are born in our laboratory: the Learning Design Office


The Learning Design Office is a laboratory for reflecting upon, analyzing, and designing innovative systems for retail training.

Our teams in various regions across the world inspire and challenge each other, complementing each other’s ideas. Together, they dream up, define, and test new modules.

A few examples of these modules: Virtual Selling, Selling to French Clients, and Team Teleworking–all designed at the beginning of 2020.

Ever since Texageres launched its design office in 2015, it has been creating programs that are personalised and adapted to transformations in the retail sector. Texageres has thus contributed to shaping new customer journeys for brands and retailers, including the Saint Laurent signature, the Picard Surgelés journey, and customer service for Le Bon Marché.

New expectations of management have been identified and transcribed in the Inspiring Leaders journey, particularly for the internal universities of luxury groups.

Our global pedagogical expertise and our creativity have transferred over to the training departments of brands, championed by internal trainers.

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