Boutique École®

With the Boutique École®, we offer you a unique place to train in real-life situations.

Integrating new employees? Exploring new client experiences? 🤔

Do you feel unsatisfied after trying various learning formats?

We have the solution 💪

The Texageres agency has been developing the Boutique École® concept for several years. It is based on recreating the universe of the brand or retailer so that new client experiences can be explored.

Layout, cash register, fitting room, storefronts: everything you need to train, rehearse, and master the basics of your profession.

Teams learn in conditions that are similar to their daily environment, and 70% of training time is devoted to games. When teams return to their stores, they can thus easily put their knowledge into practice.

Brands may also select certain stores in their network and convert them into Boutique École® schools to facilitate the integration of new staff.

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