Individual coaching

Get inspired! Coaching is a unique way to meet to talk about yourself and to find your pace.

We set up individual coaching sessions upon request. Because each person must be able to learn at their own pace, and in tune with their expectations.

These sessions are a way to speak freely and concretely about how the training is implemented, and to obtain additional content for the virtual or in-person classes.

The principle of coaching is to ask the participant to find their own solution based on their strengths and personality.

This is why the initial test and the continuous evaluation of practices makes it possible to personalize the training journey and lead each person to success.

In general, these sessions are conducted via a video call.

Who are the Texageres coaches?
Texageres coaches are certified and have the capacity to both personally support employees and share with them the operational keys required for their profession.

They come from the retail professions, are familiar with the professional gestures of excellence, and have coaching certification.

More often than not, they conduct a debrief on the personality tests, and are able to provide comprehensive support.

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