Video learning

Video learning: our application Craneur®, based on video content and exchanges within the community, is the best individual learning tool.

Craneur® is a video streaming platform fully dedicated to training.
Right from their first connection, subscribers have access to a homepage composed of tens of videos.

They are organized by channel:

  • News
  • The Best
  • Collection / Management / Client Feedback etc.
  • Some channels are dedicated to general knowledge, and others to expert tips

Each brand can create its own channels.

The channels are thus private. Only the subscribers of the brand can access them.

Each time you view a channel, you earn points: an initial viewing earns you 100 points, and a second viewing 200 points. The more you view the videos, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the more you learn.

Each brand can thus organize competitions and awards, offer gifts, provide access to a diploma, and much more. The sky’s the limit.

When you reach 10,000 points, you become a ‘craneur’: you can make videos yourself, post them on the application in a channel of your choice, and share them with everyone.

The videos are short, very stylish, and speak the language of sales associates. This strengthens their impact.

The videos are translated into 8 languages, which allows them to be broadcast in all countries.

With the videos created by the ‘craneurs’, the various types of content complement each other, and become richer and more specialized, as a part of a continuous process. Craneur® is a video streaming platform entirely devoted to training.

Let’s entertrain !

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