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Welcome to Texagères
Welcome to Texagères

texageres, the training agency dedicated to retail outlets.

Capitalizing on human resources and skills are one of  the keys to success for tomorrow’s business.

Share with us our new vision of training : sculptured, innovating, operational.  

On sale here texageres

On sale here

texageres invented the Boutique Ecole® and a lot much more...

Discover a unique training experience in the heart of Paris. Side by side, we will work on developing common sense, collaborative learning and the feeling of pride.

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Daily trap and nuggets texageres

Daily trap and nuggets : keep your ears open

1979 - 2013 " Good morning can I help you ? "  No, thank you, I’m just looking

January, 27th : " this little jacket with this blouse and these trendy shoes, that’s a great look ! "

2016 : "I’ve decided to work on my sales technics"

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Our next meetings texageres

Our next meetings

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